Friday, December 11, 2015

Obidos enters the “literature cities” UNESCO – TVI24

The town of Obidos came Friday in the universe of “literature cities” in the context of creative cities of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), told Lusa source of authority.

The president of Obidos House, Humberto Marques, views with “great responsibility” village entrance to the world of “literature cities” of UNESCO.

“Having now the UNESCO label, knowing it is a very credible organization, it is the most important stamp that we have to It Obidos is not seen only as a place of history and for a holiday, but also a place where you can be creative, and where investors can invest “

> Obidos is the 12th ranked in the organization of the list, next to Edinburgh (Scotland), Melbourne (Australia), Iowa City (USA), Dublin (Ireland) Reykjavik (Iceland), Norwich (England), Krakow (Poland) , Heidelberg (Germany), Dunedin (New Zealand), Granada (Spain) and Prague (Czech Republic).

For the mayor, this classification is the affirmation of opportunity “in a global context” of a “creative path statement” that Obidos has to tread in recent years.

Within this strategy, Humberto Marques recalled the opening of a dozen bookstores in unlikely places of the village, including a church, organic market, an old cellar and a disabled primary school, and the realization, for the first time this year, the Folio – International Literary Festival of Obidos.

Managed together with the camera, bookstores have also been opened in two of the town’s museums (Municipal and Abilio), in NovaOgiva gallery and Interior Design Center (CDI).

The application of Obidos network of literary cities of UNESCO was presented in June, a partnership between the municipality and Joseph Pine, the publisher Read slowly.

Heard the Lusa agency, the bookseller expects the classification has an “increasing effect” to the statement of Obidos as a cultural village and continue to organize the Folio, facilitating relationships with public and private entities.

“The Crative Cities Network – Crafts & amp; Folk Art, Design, Film, Gastronomy, Literature, Music and Media Arts” integrated, to date, 69 cities with a common goal: “to put creativity and cultural industries at the heart of their local development plans and actively cooperate internationally, “according to the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), based in Paris.

Idanha-a-Nova, in the district of Castelo Branco, was today officially accepted the UNESCO Cities of Music of the group within the Creative Cities network.

The announcement was made in Paris and confirmed to Lusa the president of the Idanha-a-Nova House, Armindo Jacinto.

The president of the Idanha-a-Nova Hall said the village classification as a UNESCO City of Music will bring “a lot of development” for the county.

“We have become one of UNESCO’s music cities, within the network of creative cities, which will bring much development for the county “ , said the president of the Idanha-a-Nova House, Armindo Jacinto.

The mayor believes that the investment that has been done at the level of the cultural sector in this county Castelo Branco district “is also a bet on the economy and development” of Idanha-a-Nova.

“We are very honored with this decision. This is recognition of the culture of Idanha-a-Nova and investment we have made in this area “

Armindo Jacinto said that this outcome” confirms that present a candidate with very strong arguments, even though Idanha-a-Nova a village and not a city, “he said.

The rich heritage of the county, where the cultural heritage associated with music takes rare expression, justified the application of the town the City of Music, within the Creative Cities Network of UNESCO, after an extensive work of cataloging, preservation and dissemination the musical and cultural identity of Idanha-a-Nova, its ethnographic and ethnological features.

The tambourine, the largest representative of the wealth and musical tradition of Idanha-a-Nova, inspired the symbol of the Portuguese application to UNESCO City of Music.

The House of Idanha-a-Nova has prepared for a year and a half’s candidacy, which had the involvement of various national and international actors.

Among the entities that supported this application lies the Portuguese Government, the Portuguese Association for Music Education, the Union of Musicians, the Side Show and Audiovisual Professionals, UNESCO Portuguese Commission and several cities already have the title of Music City, highlighting Mannheim, Germany, Bologna in Italy, Seville, Spain, and Hamamatsu, Japan.

The aim of this city network is to promote development social, economic and cultural development of their respective communities, based on the creative industries.


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